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My name is Julie Cooper and I LOVE to teach Pre-K!  ❤️  I have taught in DeSoto County for 24 years.  I am also a product of DeSoto County Schools.  You could say that I've spent my life invested in our schools!  I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi, and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University.

 I am the mom of two very busy boys.  I have a sophomore and a 5th grader.  I love to read, watch my Ole Miss Rebels play football and baseball, and watch my oldest play baseball.  I'm a total boy mom!  My youngest and I love to go to movies together.

Our classroom is a very busy place where we create, play, grow, and love!  We learn so much during our time together.  We learn our letters and numbers,  learn to read and write, and we learn to be a good friend.  Pre-K is a place to be your unique self while learning to navigate this great big world.  We have so much fun together!  

 Weekly activities  May 11th - 15th  

Ocean-     Use these last weeks to learn all that you can about oceans .  What kind of animals are in the ocean?  What animals live in the ocean  versus a pond or lake?  What kind of water is in the ocean? Think about the many jobs you could have that deals with oceans or ocean life? Have you been to the ocean?  What kinds of things did you do there?  I wish we were all there together!! Create an ocean animal, an ocean scene, or anything that reminds you of the ocean!  Send me pics of your wonderful work!


Book suggestions: Any of these can be found on YouTube as read alouds

Commotion In the Ocean  Giles Andreae     Ocean Life    Jill McDonald

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea  Jan Peek

There are so many to choose from on this topic!  Feel free to search and listen to any that you want!  Also, check out the bookflix link below to find more!

Letter of the week: We've completed all of our letters!  Use these next few weeks to review all letters!  Identify them, practice their sounds, and practice writing the entire alphabet!  You guys are so smart!  I'm so proud of you!

Math skills: review all math skills learned

Keep reading! Go to the reading a-z link below and check it out! Also use the Bookflix link below to read along with fiction and nonfiction stories.

PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!  This is how we learn!  Help mom and dad with household chores, learn to make your bed and clean your room.

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Click on the image below to check out some fun books!                                      www.starfall.com                   www.abcmouse.com  

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password: bookflix                                                                                                       www.readinga-z.com

                                                                                                                                       See the MDE website on our school homepage for additional resources