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Info to know :)  

Daily Folders:

Please check and read any information that is placed in your child's daily take home folder, there may be information needing to be returned the next day. There will also be weekly behavior charts placed in your child's folder informing you of their daily behavior. (Please initial next to every day)


Snack time is everyday at 9:05 A.M. We have a short amount of time for snack, therefore please pack ONE simple snack your child can eat without any struggles. Students may bring a water bottle filled with water only in case of spills- accidents happen and water is the easiest to clean up. Thank you for understanding.


If you are sending money to school in your child's folder, please send in an envelope or ziploc bag. Please label with name and the reason being sent to school (Ex: lunch money). This makes it easy for my assistant when going through folders.

Child Info:

If your child has any special information regarding allergies or health needs please let me know before the first day of school- there will be paperwork and info. sheets to be completed for me, the school nurse, and your child's safety:)